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Learn Dunstan baby language, and start understanding your baby. All proceeds from the class will be donated to a nonprofit organizations supporting moms and babies in Cyprus.


Eight years of research has found that there is a universal “language” that is shared by all babies throughout the world. They have the ability to express their basic needs through sound.We just need to listen. 

This breakthrough method will show you how to respond to your baby’s needs through their sounds and cries.
It will provide specific answers to: Why is my baby crying? We teach parents to listen for the sounds in the pre-cry stage; before prolonged crying develops.

By listening, parents can discover exactly what their baby needs, and know that when they cry it just means that they have a need that has not been met.

Dustan Baby Language
90% of all mothers
found the DBL very

70% of parents experienced greater
and a reduction in stress. They felt more confident, relaxed and in control.
50% reported an increase in
uninterrupted sleep
for both
their baby and themselves
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    Dunstan Baby Language on Oprah Show
    Dustan Baby Language on Oprah
    Watch what Oparh Winfrey says about this!
    • Anna
      mom of 4 months old boy
      One day after the private season, I had the first morning in a very long time that I had enough milk for my baby, no need for formula!
    • Sivan
      pregnant mom of two boys
      WOW! I learnt so many new things even though I have 2 boys at home - it is a must have workshop for every parent, even on the 3rd child you can learn new things!
    • Natali
      mom of 4 weeks old girl
      I thought my girl is just a crying baby… apparently, she just needed to burp! She (and we) sleep so much better at night!

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